Tips And Tricks For Installing Your Air Conditioner

To stay cool during the hot Houston summer months, installing an air conditioner is a must. But dont fear, A local Houston air conditioning company is here to help you with your very own AC installation fore starting for you to do at home. Before you start on such an endeavor, a few things need to be taken into accounts, such as safety, airflow, and supplies.

Installing in or modifying a home in any way is going to require a permit. Make sure to receive one, or some hefty fees, or fines might be in store. Any big home project can become dangerous without a moment’s notice. A permit must be used to keep people safe in potentially unsafe working conditions, in addition to making sure that the equipment used is up to par.

Air Conditioning is a Good Thing

Installing a central air conditioning unit may save money in the long run, but there’s more to it than that. Asthma attacks tend to reduce in frequency, electronics don’t overheat as quickly, and exercising becomes a much more manageable activity.

Without AC, the home becomes a breeding ground for misery and sickness. Allergies may flare up. People get sick more, leading to sick building syndrome. Dehydration becomes more of a risk. It can even make symptoms of anxiety and depression worse!

General Safety

This is pretty self-explanatory: stay safe! Before installing the AC unit:

  • Make sure that the area is cleared out and free of debris.
  • Ensure that the site is the correct size for the AC unit, and keep all children and pets out of the way.
  • Determine the size of the AC unit.

Have safety supplies available. Items such as hard hats, non-slip shoes, and face shields are a must. Inspect them before use, making sure that there is no breakage. If there are, toss it out and get a new one.

Flammable gases are a constant danger when it comes to AC installation. There may be some live wires involved, and they have the potential to explode when they come into contact with electricity. And speaking of electricity, keep any drain hoses away from it. Failure to do so will result in a bit of a shocking experience.

Getting Started

A good first step is to head to the nearest hardware store and open up an account. Installing an AC unit is going to require some tools that aren’t available to every customer, such as vacuum pumps and refrigerant gauges. These items are usually available for rent, so there’s no need to keep them around once the whole installation process is complete.

Concerning Condensers

Those who are ripping out the old AC unit and installing a new one must be careful with the condensers. It is advised to wait until the new condenser is installed to cut the refrigerant lines. Doing so prevents the buildup of moisture, which can end up causing severe issues down the line. A completely new line may need to be installed in some cases, which ends up costing more money.

Once the old AC has been gutted and the condenser removed, DO NOT let the refrigerant flow into the air. Doing so can get someone slammed with fines upwards of $10,000. The gases within these lines can cause damage to the atmosphere.


Finding a good filter before installing the new air conditioning unit is a great way to save some money preemptively. A good filter will improve the general air quality within the home and reduce energy costs. Even better, clean filters allow for the AC unit to last a lot longer, needing fewer repairs. A good filter also means better temperature control within the home.

Reusing filters is never a good idea, even the washable ones. Old filters may cause a buildup of mold and mildew, which can blow throughout the entire house. Mold can cause breathing difficulties or even make people sick.

Air Flow

It is best to figure out the airflow pattern within the home before putting in an AC system. Optimal AC placement is yet another way to reduce the costs of running it over a hot summer, saving even more money.

Take the size of the house into account. A smaller AC unit is not going to be enough to cool down a mansion. A small home with an oversized AC unit might end up turning into a freezer. The right size unit needs to be applied to the right size house.

The usage of old AC units might seem cheaper right now, but they could end up costing hundreds, if not thousands, in the future (and that’s not counting potential hospital bills).

Inadequate ventilation allows for the buildup of carbon dioxide in the air. CO2 buildup can cause an inability to breathe, dizziness, and bad headaches. Lack of flowing air causes the house’s atmosphere to stagnate, making allergies much worse and causing general misery.

All in all, excellent ventilation equals great health, improved work, work, mood, and sleep.

Stay Cool

It is a well-known fact that summers can be brutal, and the need for an excellent air conditioning system is high. Hopefully, for homeowners who are planning on installing the unit themselves, these few tips will get them going in the right direction to saving money and lower repair costs.

Be safe and install the new air conditioning unit the right way.